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Palio of Valfabbrica


Since 1974 the districts "Badia", "Tavern" and "Pedicino" confront the CNBC award for the scope Palio.

Event, which takes place in the center of the capital at the end of August and first week of September, is tied to the most ancient "Festivities of the Cross". Founded in 1974 with a simple parade, over the years has evolved with the establishment of three districts: "Badia", "Tavern" and "Pedicino".
The districts, in the days of the festival, give rise to representations of historical events and everyday scenes of medieval life, which play an important component that is renewed every year.
Subsequently, the field of play, there is the knightly carousel for the award of prizes. The knights of the three districts are involved in running the ring and the challenge of that select the two Saracen knights who will contend for the prize in a spectacular head-on collision.
All evenings are enlivened by music, and popular games strictly medieval scenes, and the opening of the tavern where dishes are prepared with local products.